New Clients to Cleansing Waters!!!

Welcome to Cleansing Waters!  If you are a new client with us, please choose one of the following packages for either Colonics or Bio Energetic Assessments.

*** New Client Colonic Package   2 colonics, SOQI Spa , consultation with Kelsey    $175
*** New Client Bioenergetic   2 Bioenergetic Assessments with Nancy    $225

***You may purchase either of these packages on-line.  Please call our office at 317-259-0796 for scheduling assistance.





Bio-Energetic Assessments with Avatar

(Please note all BEA's with Nancy are now at our 2nd location at 8801 N Meridian St)  


Bio-Energetic Assessments tap into the body’s energetic communication system to keep you balanced, vibrant, and healthy. Our bio-energetic assessments use the Avatar, a computer-based technology that assesses the body's energetic pathways and determines the best remedies to re-open the flow, re-balance and heal.  Learn More >>

New Client Assessment    2 sessions   $225
Recheck BEA      $120
Recheck Package   6 sessions   $599

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Angel of WaterRt


Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without drugs. Filtered, temperature-regulated water softens and loosens waste in the colon, allowing for evacuation through natural peristalsis. Learn More >> 

New Client Colonic Package - 2 colonics, SOQI Spa and Consultation     $175  
Single Colonic - 45 minute      $85  
Colonic - Series of 6 + 6 SOQI Spa/ERE/Tesla    $480  
Colonic - Series of 12 + 12 SOQI Spa/ERE/Tesla    $925  

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Just 30 minutes in the therapeutic SOQI Spa sanctuary will help you relax, boost the immune system, Reduce inflammation and pain. increase energy and oxygenation. Perfect before a Colonic as it massages the internal organs. Add the Electro Reflex Energizer and dissolve fat and inches. Learn More >>


15 minute    $15
30 minute     $20

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Ionic Foot Spa Detox

Kick-start those kidneys and give your body’s cleansing pathways a wake-up call! The AquaVida Ionic Foot Detox helps the body to release impurities and de-stress naturally during a safe and simple 30-minute session. Learn More >>

  Foot Detox Spa      $45
  6 Foot Detox Spa    $250
  Foot Detox Spa + 30 Minute ERE      $60
  6 Foot Detox Spa + 30 minute ERE    $280

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Tesla Energy Lights

What do the mind, heart, and spirit have in common? Subtle energy, or life force, which is all around us. The Tesla Energy Lights™ can stimulate the activity of this life force energy, empowering clearer thinking, positive feelings and higher awareness. These higher frequencies will induce quicker healing and physical rebalance.  Learn More >>

Tesla Energy Lights    $15

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Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer

The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) combines’ modern pain-relief technology with the ancient Chinese science of reflexology. The electrical energy of the Advanced ERE stimulates and massages the acupressure points of the feet, providing a full-body experience of relaxation and pain relief by opening organ congestion and restoring balance. Learn More >>

15 minute    $15
30 minute    $20

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E-Power Chair


Have you ever felt tired, run down and just wanted "plug in” to recharge your battery? Many of us feel this way because of overexposure to positive potential ions in our environment. Plug into the E-Power to recharge your cells and experience enhanced immune function, metabolism and mental clarity.Learn More >>

30 minute     $20

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