The SOQI Total Health Spa combines ancient Eastern wisdom with modern technology to create an effective blend of heat-transfer equipment and the flow of chi, or life force energy. It has three features: 


Hot House Solar Energy: The Hot House generates far infrared (FIR) rays, which are the beneficial rays we receive from the sun. In the Hot House, the body experiences the FIR as gentle, penetrating heat reaching the deep layers of tissue and dilating blood vessels to promote better blood circulation and self-detoxification. 


Ancon Chi Machine: While lying under the Hot House, your ankles rest in the Chi Machine, which moves like a goldfish to activate and circulate life-force energy. For body oxygenation, using the Chi Machine for 15 minutes is equivalent to walking ten thousand paces. It boosts your metabolism rate, which helps with overall detoxification, and is helpful for chronic leg edema (water retention).


Sound energy: Relaxing, healing music and tones calm the mind and body during the spa session.




What are the benefits of the SOQI Spa? 

Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation Reduces swelling, inflammation and pain
Helps cells regenerate
Decreases water retention (edema)
Burns approximately 600 calories per 30 minutes
Provides maximum oxygen intake in minimal time
Balances the spine
Relieves constipation and tones the bowels
Relieves stress
Supports cancer treatment

What can I expect from a SOQI Spa Session? 

A SOQI Spa Session is like entering a peaceful, calming sanctuary. The specially designed massage table bed is located in a quiet, soothing room. After removing your shoes you lie on your back with ankles placed on the cradle of the Chi Machine. The three Hot Houses are lowered over the body but not the head. Beautiful, calming music plays in the background. While the heat slowly penetrates, the Chi Machine delivers a lateral “goldfish-like” movement, rocking the body gently back and forth. When the Chi Machine stops moving many people feel a pleasant, tingling sensation (a “Chi Rush”) from the feet to the head, and then into the arms and hands. 

When is the best time to use the SOQI Spa?

The SOQI Spa can be used anytime. It is highly recommended:
Before a colonic to stimulate the bowel and organs of elimination and place the body and mind in a In combination with ERE as a slimming combo
As a stand alone for bronchial or stress relief
To increase oxygenation of the lungs and bloodstream 
To support cancer treatment

What is important about the far infrared rays in the Hot House?

Far infrared (FIR) rays are the most beneficial, healing rays produced by the sun. FIR rays are not visible to the naked eye but can be felt as heat. The Hot House releases an 8-10 micron FIR ray into the body that supports the body in working more efficiently. These rays allow toxins to be released back into the bloodstream and eliminated naturally. 

Scientists and physicians are studying specific wavelengths of light, such as far infrared, to understand their therapeutic effects on the body. They have found that if certain wavelengths are missing in the light we receive, the body cannot fully absorb certain nutrients. The result is that even with adequate nutrition, the body is malnourished without exposure to sufficient light. Sunlight increases the ability of the lungs to absorb more vital oxygen, as well as the blood’s capacity to carry and deliver it. 

Why is oxygenation important? 

Oxygen deficiency has been linked to a host of illnesses, ranging from chronic fatigue and sleep disorders to immune system dysfunction and cancer. Ninety percent of energy comes from oxygen –  only 10% is provided through food. The Chi Machine provides a gentle way to improve oxygenation of the lungs and bloodstream. Studies show users gain 1-7% increase in oxygenation in only minutes using the Chi Machine. Fifteen minutes of massage with the Chi Machine is comparable to the oxygenation received from a 90-minute brisk walk. 

How does the Hot House aid detoxification?

The Hot House stimulates detoxification by mobilizing and eliminating toxins from fat cells and heavy metals in the bloodstream through increased blood circulation and perspiration. 

How is the SOQI Spa used for slimming and fat loss? 

The SOQI Slimming Spa program combines 30 minutes in the SOQI Spa with 30 minutes of the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) foot massage device to:

Break down fat: The ERE uses low-frequency waves to break down your body fat and decomposes extra fat cells on the belly, waist, hip and legs. The effects are increased when concentrating the Electro Pads on those stubborn areas while stimulating the feet with ERE.

Burn fat: The Three Hot Houses produce FIR (far infrared ray) heat, which burns fat and stimulates metabolic activity and detoxification and decreases tissue fluid retention. When using the Hot House, the subcutaneous temperature increases to 109°F. The calories burned after 30 minutes under the Hot House are equal to jogging one mile.

Balance fat: Fifteen minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to the oxygen benefits of 90 minutes of aerobic exercise. It tones and firm thighs, hips, abdomen, and buttocks. The fat stays off more successfully if the Chi Machine is continued on a consistent daily basis. And with daily use, the Chi Machine brings your body back into balance and alignment naturally. 

Pricing Options

15-Minute - $15

30-Minute - $25

Intro 1 Mon Unlimited Energy (ERE, Tesla, E-Power) Sessions - $150

PKG - 6 SOQI Spa with 6 Colonics - $540

The movement of the Chi Machine resembles the movement of a fish which oxygenates the body.